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Enabling and motivating dispersed digital leadership

In this complex digital environment, IT leadership needs to be on the forefront of innovation and transformation. How are leading CIOs ensuring this in their organisations?

  • The role of leadership in a digital world
  • Using transformative leadership to encourage and motivate individuals and foster growth
  • Motivating, directing, and monitoring teams through the challenges of a dispersed environment

IT metrics that matter to the executive team

A  CIO dashboard will contain high-level metrics linked to the strategic objectives of the IT department. These will include all financial, operational, customer, and IT elements. What are CIO’s currently focussing on?

  • Track and trend performance over time
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in IT support
  • Diagnose and understand the underlying drivers of performance gaps

Committing to the cloud

Streamlining the transition of the organisation to the cloud is on the top of the priority lists for companies globally. What are the key considerations?

  • Focussing on best practices in a high-risk environment
  • Fast-tracking your cloud transformation journey
  • Retaining complex data and analytics ecosystems throughout the transition

AI and its practical application in a connected world

AI heightens automated, intelligent, and smart systems within organisations to meet today’s technological needs. But, how can it be used practically?

  • Using AI to optimise operations within the organisation and streamline business processes
  • Heightening marketing, finance, security and supply chain with key AI implementation
  • Applying AI to improve team effectiveness and bolster company performance

Transparency, governance and accountability

Defining roles, responsibilities, and processes and ensuring accountability for and ownership of data assets across the organisation.

  • Structuring clear decision making processes and allocating roles to key individuals
  • Plotting authority drip-downs and creating multi-level and responsibility structures
  • Ensuring measured performance and key analytics are in place

The CIO and sustainability; how to get ahead on ESG

Driving the enterprise’s sustainability ambitions through sustainability ideas and IT-led support.

  • Playing a central role on the enterprise sustainability team
  • Developing new technology solutions, services and IT/digital infrastructure
  • Building critical data platforms to drive sustainable business strategies

Employee-centric technology to ensure digital transformation

Rethinking workflows and integrating technology into a company’s operations to streamline operations and process management across the corporation

  • Encouraging digital transformation among employees
  • Fast-tracking technology adoption by altering perceptions and attitudes toward technological change
  • Heightening skills and training to enforce workplace resilience and adaptability

Risk mitigation and security in the hybrid work environment

Meeting new security demands within a hybrid work environment through increased system protection and preventative risk mitigation strategies

  • Developing productive and cost-effective hybrid working structures
  • Ensuring borderless security architecture with scalable protocols irrespective of the device and network
  • Communicate and pique the interest of the employee base to be consistently security-aware.